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Diamond Abrasive Pads - HPB  Coarse

Diamond Abrasive Pads - HPB Coarse

Diamond Abrasive Pads - HPB  Coarse
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BLACK-NICKEL-GRIT 100 (125 Micron) COARSE - This diamond abrasive pad is perfect for those hard to reach places of your glass that a grinder just won't reach.The pads won't chip iridescent or dichroic glass as your grinder might. Each pad has a comfortable rubber grip for your hand for easy smoothing. The coarse, medium or fine grit is electroplated to wire mesh to make this abrasive pad the longest lasting abrasive pad on the market today. The abrasive pad is also perfect for smoothing very large pieces of art glass that is too cumbersome to work with on a grinder and glass that you just want to slump without fusing. Just move the glass slightly over the edge of the table and smooth edges and corners on boths sides with your pad to give the finished slumped glass the smoothest edge pssible. Diamond abrasive pads come in 3 grits, HPB, coarse; HPY, medium and HPW, fine.
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