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Hi, my name is Sue Kutno. One day in 1999 I was taking a shower (where it is nice and quiet and in my mind I solve the problems of the world). I was sooo frustrated because there were hardly any slumping molds available to the fusing artist. I had been fusing glass for about 20 years and I was always on the hunt for new molds. So right then and there I decided...We were going into the mold business. I finished my shower, ran to my husband and said "I've got an idea". He gave me a look, (you know that look), but I told him my idea anyway and he actually liked it....and here we are (thats a picture of us, me & Irv, 12 years later).

Future Forms Molds & Supplies officially opened in 2000 premiering our line of 35 molds at the Glass and Bead Expo in Las Vegas. Eventually we started getting so much business that the two of us couldn't handle it so we brought in our daughter Jini, who eventually took over the business and changed the name to Firelite Forms. We are now the leading manufacturer of the best slumping molds on the good earth, with the largest selection of fusing molds, over 350 and counting. 

We specialize in custom molds, custom display stands and glass supplies including a full line of display stands in all shapes and sizes to display fused glass art. Irv has patented his new adjustable display stand which can fit a range of sizes both horizontally and vertically.TAKE A LOOK.

Our customers are located all over the USA, including Alaska as well as Canada, Hawaii, Europe, Antarctica (yes there are fusers in Antarctica) The UK, South America, Belgium, Israel, Africa and The Netherlands and maybe some other countries that I can't think of right now. Needless to say we have really grown over the years



FIRST THERE IS JINI, MY DAUGHTER. She takes the orders, traces the order, gives the orders and makes order of our lives!! She is our leader, 'Chief Cook & Bottle Washer'. The owner of FIRELITE FORMS. 

MEET GARY, MY SON-IN-LAW.  He is in charge of our new in-house pouring facility which affords us total quality control  His experience and background has added a new quality to our product. Our slumping molds are of the highest quality, smoother surface for a cleaner glass and a harder consistency so each mold lasts longer.

OUR FAMILY BEHIND THE SCENES, all work hard to get you orders shipped asap. From left to right, Lori, Jini, Matt (our faithful UPS driver, what a ham, had to get into the picture) Mickey and Annie. Camera shy, Bobby and Cathy. 

AND OF COURSE KEVIN, OUR DRIVER who picks up supplies, delivers the molds to local customers and is the all around man - indispensable.

IN THE FUTURE ...  Well our life of glass has followed many paths. We have a studio, Firelite Glass Studio; in-house mold pouring facility; we've done arts and crafts shows and trade shows; started a school in 2000, "Sarasota School of Glass" that's been around for 12 years and still going strong; I've written the best little fusing book ever, "Everything You Wanted To Know About Fusing...But Had No One To Ask", our website "Stands On Display" features only display stands for the artist, gallery owner and art collector and Irv invented a display stand that can actually be adjusted to fit your glass. We will continue to develop new and unique molds for you, the glass fusing artist. Lets just say -- who knows what new idea will pop into our minds -- WE ARE ALWAYS FOLLOWING ANOTHER DREAM.

2010 - A new life (again) Irv and I now find ourselves ready to wind down---wind down, that's a laugh. We will never retire! Irv will stay on as a consultant and continue to service customer accounts. I am still available in the studio to test the new molds before we offer them to you. I am also designing websites for myself and going into on-line businesses as well as running SRQ School of Glass.

Our daughter Jini has officially taken over the mold business She is slowly bringing in her own ideas and giving the business her own flavor. The first change she made was the name, changing from Future Forms to Firelite Forms and Display Stands. Jini believes first priority is customer service and satisfaction, and maintains that aspect to the highst degree. Secondly she believes in bringing you new and exciting ceramic and stainless steel slumping molds to spark your imagination as well as display stands to show off your artwork. Third she is going to continue bringing you only the highest quality molds MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Well, the next chapter in all our lives have started again. Lets see where it leads.

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