Specializing in Ceramic & Stainless Steel Slumping Molds

Firelite Forms is the largest  in-house manufacturer of ceramic slumping, draping and casting molds in the USA. Along with our vast selection of ceramic slumping, draping and casting molds, we also carry stainless steel slumping and draping and  molds.  Our metal and acrylic display stands are manufactured and designed by Firelite Forms and fabricated in the U.S.A. 

With our competitive pricing and top quality ceramic and stainless steel slumping and draping molds, coupled with our well designed casting molds, your fused glass project will be perfect every time. Finish off your project with our incredible variety of display stands such as our adjustable metal display stand, which will fit most art glass projects.

Our products are guaranteed and produced with the high quality standards you should expect from every mold and stand. Look for Firelite Forms in your local art glass shop and wholesale distributors or email us at fireliteforms@yahoo.com
Prices subject to change