OUR COMMITTMENT TO YOU......... A smart consumer asks "Why should I buy from FIRELITE FORMS as opposed to others"?...the answer...because we manufacture most of our molds and display stands. Our biggest competitors are distributors who warehouse their molds from china and other foreign countries.

FIRELITE FORMS ceramic fusing molds continues it's competitive pricing and is committed to high standards while keeping our American crafters working in the USA. FIRELITE FORMS committment to stand behind our product line is well known in the industry, with our fused glass artists satisfaction being our most important factor.

FIRELITE FORMS is the leading ceramic mold manufacturer of fusing/slumping molds in the USA. With over 30 years experience in fusing and slumping glass, FIRELITE FORMS is committed to offering our customers the best fusing molds in the industry. The majority of our slumping molds are hand poured allowing for better quality control of the finished product.

OUR PRODUCTS FOR YOU...............Our slumping molds and glass art line is the most extensive with over 800 art glass products to choose from. Whether you are looking for slump moulds of a plate, platter, bowl or tray for glass slumping and glass fusing...or if SUSHI is your speciality, you will find all your glass molds for sushi plates at FIRELITE FORMS in the "Ceramic Mold" section. Our holiday molds can't be beat, whether you want a holiday mould for Christmas or Thanksgiving or maybe a heart ceramic mold for Valentines day.  If drop out ceramic molds or unique kiln formed shapes are what you want, we have it at FIRELITE FORMS AND SUPPLIES. Our stainless steel moulds are second to none shown in the "Stainless Steel Molds" section! We have 8 "S" curves to choose from, a 20" square stainless steel mold for all the fused glass artists with large glass fusing kilns, draping cylinders, candle cup sets, right angle forms for making glass art stands from your fused glass, barrette molds, pony tail molds, pattern bar molds and murrini tube molds for casting glass, bracelet and watch molds, 2 sized casting rings, and 2 styles of wall sconces and hardware. When you want your fused glass to slump perfectly every time, you can depend on our glass slump molds to never let you down.

In our "Display Stands" section for the fused glass artist we offer both metal display stands and acrylic display stands, which are perfect for your transparent fused glass. We have both table display stands and wall display stands for your fused glass art. Display stands are available in "V" shape, square display stands and round display stands. Display stand sizes range from 5" to 20". FIRELITE FORMS also offers plate display stands and bowl display stands on legs, that display your fused glass above the table for a more dynamic impression. Or try our 8" or 4.5" sliding display stands that adjust to fit your fused glass bowl or plate. And last but not least, don't forget our coaster display stand that holds 4 fused glass coasters.

In additiion to the ceramic molds, stainless steel molds, and display stands and a more extensive line of art glass supplies and kilns to round out the glass fusing shopping list. Among our glass fusion supplies list, in our glass products and glass accessories section named "Supplies and Kilns" we offer an array of glass cutting tools. A glass tool we offer, the glass cutter, we highly recommend the Toyo Pistol Grip glass cutting tool, for it's easy handling and scoring. Be sure to check out our diamond glass drill bit, we have a number of glass drill bits, hot gloves, Hotline Shelf Primer (kiln wash), bumpons, cutting mats, diamond abrasive pads, drill bit for your glass drill (Dremel), diamond engraving bit for engraving your name on your fused glass, diamond micro core drill bits for the tiniest of holes in your fused glass, eyeglass shields, finger protectors, grinder drill bits, glass grinders such as Inland Glass Grinders, haik brush, hot gloves, Lava Cloth, marking pens, nichrome wire, running pliers, and sleeves for warm glass work or hot glass work.  

In our "Design Elements" section the fused glass artist will find a selection of dichroic glass, dichroic stringers, dichroic noodles, dichroic scrap, stringers, noodles, powder frit, fine frit, medium frit, coarse frit, confetti and pre-cut shapes in 90 coe and 96 coe. Have fun decorating your fusion art glass!

If you don't see what you need, call us to free at 1-888-800-3901. We are the leading mold makers for custom slumping molds, whether it be ceramic slumping molds or stainless steel slumping molds. We also specialize in the manufacture of custom display stands. Just call for an estimate on our toll free number, 1-888-800-3901.

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